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Amazing MCAT Tutor

Hands down, Will is one of the best MCAT tutors out there!! I met Will this spring when I was preparing to study for my MCAT retake and started meeting with him regularly after I finished most of my content review and was beginning to practice AAMC materials. At every lesson, Will was great at efficiently breaking down and explaining each question that I was really stuck on until I fully understood it. It was very clear to me from the start that he has an extremely solid understanding of how to approach AAMC MCAT questions and was very good at helping me approach the exam and questions with a good mindset and proper approach/thinking process as well. I believe my time with Will really paid off--in the process of studying for this exam a second time, I have scored 520+ consistently on the majority of my AAMC FL practice exams. Will is legit an MCAT guru and an awesome human being as well. I highly recommend taking a lesson with him!!

-Janice, 20-21 applicant, 8 lessons with Will

A+ tutor

Always extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the MCAT and test taking strategies. Will not only helps with the objective aspects of test taking, but also with the mental aspects that so many struggle with when tackling this beast of a test.

-Jonathon, 20-21 applicant, 6 lessons with Will

Stellar MCAT Tutor

I tutored with Will for about 3-4 months leading up to my most recent MCAT, and looking back on it, I couldn't have found a better person to work with throughout the whole process. From our first session, I could tell that Will was extremely bright, attentive and engaging, and I had confidence that he would help me achieve a competitive score. In particular, I really appreciated Will's level of investment in my success - he always went above and beyond to make sure I was understanding tough topics, staying committed to my study plan, and supporting me every step of the way. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking to achieve a great MCAT score!

-Luke, current MD student, 13 lessons with Will

Will's the best!

Will is by far the best MCAT tutor I've had. I'm re-taking the MCAT for the second time and he's helped me not only understand problems but has also provided me with individualized strategies, which is something that I didn't get the first time around in an MCAT classroom environment. His easygoing and encouraging persona is perfect for something that can be as stressful as the MCAT, and also helps me develop more confidence for the sections that I struggle with. His explanations are comprehensive and he offers multiple ways of approaching a problem. Yet, he's still succinct and I never get sidetracked when he helps me understand a problem. Will is also very approachable, so you'll never feel bad about asking "too many" questions or for a further explanation. He's even sent me additional links to good resources or further explanations/graphics. He's truly knowledgable and you can tell that he's familiar with literally everything AAMC-related. 12/10 would recommend!

-Anjali, 20-21 applicant, 15 lessons with Will

Will is the best!!!

If you are in need of an MCAT tutor hire Will! He is the MCAT guru! After working with him I was scoring about 15 points better on all of my AAMC practice tests (from the 67th to the 97th percentile). He really helped me with reading and comprehension of all of the passages from each section and was able to steer my studying in the right direction so I could make the most improvement. He was always super understanding and patient when I did not get something right away and was committed to teaching me things in such a way that not only would it help on that specific concept but on similar passages. After working with Will I gained a much better understanding for the test and was able to look at it more as a challenge than this unconquerable task standing in my way! He is the best and 100% worth it!!!

- Caroline, 8 lessons with Will

Great Tutor

Will is an exceptionally good tutor. His is easy to understand, patient, and very strategic. He is great at figuring out why a student is struggling with a particular subject and how to help him or her improve. What I love most about his teaching is his ability to thoroughly analyze problems and discuss them in great depth. Will has really helped me improve my test taking strategies through his in-depth and comprehensive review. Our private tutoring sessions have allowed me to really focus on my weaknesses and improve them. I am also enrolled in Will 's Testing Solutions, which involves reviewing AAMC section bank and Qpack. In addition to his private tutoring sessions, I highly recommend this course. In short, I strongly recommend Will, and I am so glad to be working with him.

- Maryam, 3 lessons with Will

Will Knows How to Lead You to a High MCAT Score

Before working with Will, I thought you had to know every detail about the sciences covered on the MCAT to score high. However, after working with Will, I learned you only need the right approach to studying and practice strategies to get your score to improve significantly. I did this with Will's help and started to feel my confidence and test scores go up from the low 70th percentile to the high 80 and low 90th percentiles. I would not have taken the real test this past June with as much confidence as I did without Will's help!

- Darshan, current MD student, 8 lessons with Will

Will is the Gandalf of MCAT Tutors...

the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)

Will is seriously a fantastic tutor. Not only is he fluent in strategies you NEED to succeed, he is incredibly kind and patient. We mainly focused on CARS, and I could see significant improvement within one session. Even if I slipped back, he would be right there to give me a confidence boost. He did a great job diagnosing my weaknesses, and gave me specific instructions on how to overcome them. He has so many resources you can use that will help you with your studying, and he's always available to respond to your texts when he's not tutoring his other students. The amount of hours he's logged speaks to how effective his tutoring is. You'll get the most use out of your time, and you will maximize your ability under his tutelage. He will help you make a very personalized study plan, guiding you through each section of the MCAT and what materials he used to achieve such a high score. Will also tutors CARS for a group study, which also goes over all the science topics you'll need for the MCAT in a online lecture setting. I highly recommend looking into it, I'm sure Will can give you more details. Overall, if you're looking for a tutor to guide you to an improved MCAT score, look no further. Will went above and beyond to help me, and he will do the same for you. Thanks Will, I wish you the best of luck in medical school!

- Harsha, current MD student, 4 lessons with Will

Will is Excellent!!

I have nothing but good things to say about Will. He has definitely done his homework regarding the MCAT and it shows. The resources he has pushed me towards and steered me away from has turned his hard work into my efficiency. I wish I had spent a lot more money on a tutor like Will instead of wasting money on MCAT test prep software that expired and wasn't really that helpful anyway. His CARS coaching has helped me tremendously (far superior to the strategies employed by the test prep I had reviewed). He has a no-nonsense approach to figuring out what will likely be on the exam. Will comes in with a plan and asks great questions. Will is more than fair, and I definitely feel that I've gotten my "money's worth" from our sessions. HIRE THIS GUY.

- Jeff, current MD student, 8 lessons with Will

Will is great!

I worked with Will during the last week of my MCAT prep. I had made good progress self-studying in the months prior, but Will knew exactly what to have me work on during the last week to maximize the remaining time. I made a ton of progress during the last week, and I'm sure it helped my score quite a bit. I would highly recommend Will as an MCAT tutor.

- Jesse, 5 lessons with Will

Amazing MCAT tutor!

I worked with Will throughout my MCAT prep. Without him I would not have picked up the subtle nuances of the test that are required to be successful. During my tutoring sessions Will was patient and attentive. You could instantly tell that he is extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter. Moreover, the strategies that he recommended improved my practice exam scores tremendously! Having Will as a tutor really helped me break through plateaus and develop my own strategy for tackling the MCAT. He was an invaluable mentor throughout the process. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

- Brandon, current MD student, 3 lessons with Will

MCAT GODSEND, Will is the best MCAT tutor out there!

The MCAT sucks, but studying doesn't have to! Do yourself a favor and message Will ASAP for all of your MCAT needs. He is AMAZING. Will helped me prep for the new MCAT and I seriously don't think I would have done it without him. I have used prep companies like Kaplan and Princeton Review in the past, and I honestly wish I just bought prep books and used the money towards sessions with Will instead. He is so much more helpful than any strategy or book. He is also super patient, understanding, knowledgable, flexible, fair, and made me feel confident about taking the test in general, he is everything you would want in a tutor. He genuinely cares about you and your ability to take/do well on the MCAT. I think Will is a great resource with all his advice and knowledge he has on the test. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say he is an MCAT godsend, and doesn't make me feel like I am suffering through studying for the MCAT. I always look forward to his sessions, he's so unbelievably helpful & such a great guy! Do yourself a favor on the MCAT and hire Will!!!!!

- Christine, 9 lessons with Will

Stellar MCAT Tutor

Will is awesome! He helped me so much with my CARS by breaking it down and teaching me how to analyze/think like the AAMC. He also tutors section bank which is wonderful if you are struggling there. I was scoring 124s on CARS average on my tests. A couple of weeks after working with Will I saw a three/four-point increase in my full-length CARS sections. Will is understanding and truly cares about his tutees. He was always willing to answer questions when I messaged him and is also very knowledgeable about the admissions process. He is an all in one package! Super helpful and fun to learn from!

- Nicolas, 20-21 applicant, 3 lessons with Will

Best MCAT Tutor!

Will is very smart and knowledgeable on every topic tested on the MCAT. He knows the ins and outs and how to approach each question the right way. He also has a lot of tips for test day. I would recommend him to anyone who is planning on taking the MCAT. :)

- Alyssa, 6 lessons with Will

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